Having Tv reception problems?


Are you about to kick the guts out of your television?

One in three people reach that breaking point where they've just had enough of their tv spitting and spatting.

The story goes: They've been putting up with the odd pixel here and there, it's not a problem because they don't watch too much television anyway. But then, ONE DAY, they're engrossed by a news headline, a game highlight or a movie punch line & BAM!! THE PICTURE GOES, THE DIALOGUE FREEZES OR THE PICTURE GOES 'SPASTIC'. 

But then, the picture comes back - all is fine. "It's just the weather perhaps? maybe my television? maybe it's a bird on my antenna? - All good, my picture is fine now - I won't worry about it". 

Until next time....It does it again...., but this time it's the same channel or, it only does it for a split second. "Honey it's all good, I'll fix it!". 

Yeah right!

As you can imagine, we hear this story alot! 

The absolute truth is, your signal is ... well...  we don't know - without a signal meter!

And 95% of the time, the signal meter tells us;  - that perfect clear, perfectly perfect, only that channel, only when the weather is bad, only this, only that - YOUR DIGITAL SIGNALS AREN'T GETTING ANY BETTER. 

  • It's only a matter of time until it drops out all-together 
  • or you don't get that channel at all.
  • It's only a matter of time until other channels start playing up also

There is a problem. 




Everyone love's Tv Magic because we are honest & professional.

It could be - just your TV antenna OR just tuning!

Your cable, or something little? Our signal meter will tell - Free Quotes!


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Having TV reception problems? Pixelation? One channel dropping out or freezing?  

Why does that happen? How is digital Tv different to analogue? Why do you only get problems on one TV point or only on one TV channel?

The following videos give you some answer to all of the above. These are very commonly asked questions. Basically, any problems you are experiencing will not fix themselves. They may come 'good again' however, this will be temporary. By Calling TV Magic we can ascertain by using our 'field strength meter' just how good or how bad your TV channels really are. When we test, we are looking to see if any channel is reaching minimum signal requirements. This will make sure there is enough 'head room' for fluctuation for bad weather, trees, a few broken elements and other factors that effect signal strength and signal quality. If these minimal requirements are not met, yes you may still have a 'perfect clear picture' however the BIG QUESTION is; for how long for? Yes your bald tyre does keep air in it and drives your car around, but obviously it's not going to take a nail or a bit of glass on the road as well as a brand new tyre.  


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How much will it cost..?

How much will it cost to Fix my TV reception? Sometimes there is a cheap fix, other times there is a risk of doing it cheap and it will cost more in the long run. Sometimes it has been done that badly in the first place that it's going to cost more to erectify an old system than it's going to just install a brand new one from scratch. Sometimes, the old gear is that old that the whole lot just needs replacing. In the end, the tv reception signals need to comply to certain requirements or it's just not going to work. These requirements are described as per the requirements of Digital Broadcasting Australia (DBA) authorities. If these are not complied with - your tv reception will be no better off. Also, having too much signal can cause bad tv reception as well! 

So do not worry, about it costing too much! We do free quotes! We give you a guarantee! We aim to make any tv reception repair job last 10-15 years - on a year to year basis, servicing your antenna compared with servicing your car will cost you peanuts! So call us now! or make a booking online.

What licenses /qualifications /training do we have?

The licenses, qualifications and training of our technicians include: Matchmaster, Government Endorsed Installers, CEDIA, Restricted cabling licence, Low voltage cabling licences, Asbetos Awareness, Covid Certification (2020), THX Surround Sound, OH&S training and awareness, Safety at Heights training & Master builders - BSA.

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