Are your radio channels fuzzy to listen to?

Well, the first thing you must try to improve your fm reception is connecting your amplifier / A.V receiver / radio to the outdoor tv aerial. All radios/amplifiers have a jack on the back for the indoor fm antenna that comes with your radio/amplifier receiver. Unfortunately these perform just as well as an indoor antenna - in most areas - rather poorly. So your outdoor tv aerial is going to pull in a lot more FM signal strength and quality. 


There is a trick to doing this though, so if you do not get immediate improvement - it can be that your speakers need professional calibration as well to fine tune the static out. 


  • Increase the height of your indoor antenna
  • Try moving your indoor antenna to different locations to improve your fm reception
  • Fm reception is dramatically improved if you can get your fm or am antenna near a window facing the broadcast towers - the gain in signal strength nearly always will make up for loss in extended cabling /wiring

What TV magic Can do to give you perfect RADIO RECEPTION

  • Using a field strength meter - test and measure real improvements and guarantee optimal performance of your FM radio channels
  • Install Outdoor FM antennas designed to actually pick up these frequencies - whilst your outdoor TV Antenna will pick up FM Radio, the elements are designed to pick up tv frequencies more so than Fm Radio frequencies
  • If necessary, install the perfect digital antenna that receives both TV and FM with crystal clear picture and sound
  • Run FM radio points like extra tv points to different rooms in the house / building
  • Combine improved radio reception signals down your existing cables, stream radio through out your house - to multiple rooms, the back deck, garage, set up multiple audio and music zones, install in-ceiling speakers & more.
  • Professionally tune and calibrate your surround sound / radio receiver for optimal sound 
  • New Digital Radio Options - we are up to speed with the latest training and technology (Home Cinema THX (like dolby digital) accredited technicians.)


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How much will it cost..?

How much will it cost to Fix my TV reception? Sometimes there is a cheap fix, other times there is a risk of doing it cheap and it will cost more in the long run. Sometimes it has been done that badly in the first place that it's going to cost more to erectify an old system than it's going to just install a brand new one from scratch. Sometimes, the old gear is that old that the whole lot just needs replacing. In the end, the tv reception signals need to comply to certain requirements or it's just not going to work. These requirements are described as per the requirements of Digital Broadcasting Australia (DBA) authorities. If these are not complied with - your tv reception will be no better off. Also, having too much signal can cause bad tv reception as well! 

So do not worry, about it costing too much! We do free quotes! We give you a guarantee! We aim to make any tv reception repair job last 10-15 years - on a year to year basis, servicing your antenna compared with servicing your car will cost you peanuts! So call us now! or make a booking online.

What licenses /qualifications /training do we have?

The licenses, qualifications and training of our technicians include: Matchmaster, Government Endorsed Installers, CEDIA, Restricted cabling licence, Low voltage cabling licences, Asbetos Awareness, Covid Certification (2020), THX Surround Sound, OH&S training and awareness, Safety at Heights training & Master builders - BSA.

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